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Manufacturer of environment friendly boilers for central heating systems.

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   what is it?
What are pellets exactly?

Pellets are naturally clean environmental fuel coming in 100% from wood. Pellets are manufactured mainly of sawdust and chips, which allows the use of wood waste and no tree is felled for the particular purpose of manufacturing pellets. This raw material, that is the above mentioned sawdust and chips, is compacted under high pressure, and then a special press produces small "rolls". Due to continuous quality control pellets include very small quantities of contaminants and moisture, which provides for optimum burning effect.

Pellets are environment friendly, clean and very comfortable.

Pellets are packed into sacks or shipped with special "tanker".

The costs of obtaining energy from pellets are incomparably lower than those of gas, heating oil or electricity.

Pellets do not have to be afraid of competition.

Above all pellets are a source of renewable energy, they can be offered instead of oil, gas or coal, they are more cost-effective.

Nowadays the demand for not noxious, healthy and clean energy sources is on the rise, and pellets are just that.

Due to manufacturing of pellets new jobs are created.

For more information on pellets please read the press release, which you can select from the menu below:

Starting from the natural raw material until burning without any chemical additives:

Raw material
(chips, sawdust)
for burning of pellets

(fully automatic)
Characteristic of Pellets:
  • diameter 6mm
  • length 10-30mm
  • minimum density 1,1kg/m3
  • power output 4,9-5 kWh/kg
  • humidity max 10%
  • ash max 0,5%
  • dust max 1%
  • 100% natural wood
  • for the manufacturing process wood waste is used (sawdust, chips)
  • no tree needs to be additionally felled
  • no chemical additives
  • wood as the only raw material burns environmentally neutrally (CO2)
  • state-of-the-art heating equipment is fully automatically operated
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