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Manufacturer of environment friendly boilers for central heating systems.

11-500 Gi¿ycko
ul.Suwalska 32A

tel  +48 (87) 428 53 51
fax +48 (87) 428 31 75


Welcome to the service on environment friendly fuel of the XXI century called pellets.

The service has been created and is operated by the KOSTRZEWA company of Gi¿ycko.

The goal of this service is to promote environment friendly methods of heating buildings, residential and office spaces.


We have started to create an Internet data base of heating industry manufacturers, and especially those manufacturing pellets and equipment necessary for its production and burning.

Everybody interested in this method of promoting information is invited to contact us at the address: pellets@pellets.pl


What are pellets?

The simplest answer to this question is:

Pellets are pressed biomass, e.g. sawdust,
in the shape of cylinders of 6-8 mm in diameter.
Wood waste is pressed to form compact,
small rolls.

Very big forces applied during pressing cause small volume of ready product contain a very large amount of biomass.

More questions and answers on pellets
you will find in our service, which you are cordially invited to read!

For more information on pellets please select appropriate item from the menu on the left or read press releases, which you can select below:

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