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Manufacturer of environment friendly boilers for central heating systems.

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Advantages of wood energy

The forests are the last big ecosystem both in Poland and globally.

Approx. one third of our country is covered with forests. The forestry is the closest to the nature form of economy. The forest, due to solar energy is a constantly self-acting renewable environmental system.

One of the most important forest products is wood, which is a universal raw material accompanying man throughout his/her entire life.

It is sufficient to mention only such products as: furniture, rafters, houses of wood, toys or paper to notice, that we have contact with wood almost everyday.

As you can see in the diagram, burning of pellets, as wood product, does not pollute the environment. For that reason wood is a very environment friendly energy source.

For two hundred years
people got their energy
for cooking and heating

only and exclusively of wood.

The wood energy due to its undoubted economic and environmental advantages enjoys in the recent years in Western Europe and United States a renaissance.

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